Collaboration of Psychology Uhamka with Neust Philippines Conducting International Webinar

“With grade A-accreditation, it’s time for Psychology Uhamka enter the new scope in regional and international level”. That was a statement from Anisia Kumala, the Dean of Psychology Faculty Uhamka, in an International Webinar themed ‘Alternative Approaches in Self-Care Amidst Pandemic. The webinar was a collaboration with the Social and Behavioural Sciences Department, Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (NEUST) the Philippines, Monday (25/10).

Prof Dr Gunawan Suryoputro, Rector of Uhamka, hoped that the collaboration between Psychology Uhamka and NEUST Philippines could be followed up with the other programs, such as the students and lecturers exchange program and the research collaboration among two institutions. “The self-care topic is very significant and benefits society to keep their mental health amidst the uncertainty affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which until now, it still becomes a serious problem,” he said.

Yulmaida Amir and Mahesty Pertiwi from Psychology Uhamka and Karen Jann M Aquino, and Vincent Mikhail Jan Esteban from NEUST attended as the resource persons. Yulmaida explained that one of the psychological vaccines that benefited from developing individual resilience was Allah SWT’s total submission. “To wholly submit ourselves to Allah will grow peacefulness and strength to face all of the life problems,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Mahesty Pertiwi brought issues about self-care to do some beneficial activities, such as horticulture activities in planting flowers, gardening, and many others. Those activities have a positive function to prevent stress. Moreover, Karen brought issues in the importance of love ourselves, and Vincent from NEUST invited us to be aware of the importance of spirituality as a part of self-care. The international webinar was also followed by over 500 participants from Indonesia and the Philippines. [] Uhamka / Diktilitbang

Collaboration of Psychology Uhamka with Neust Philippines Conducting International Webinar

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