Rector of UNISA Bandung 2021-2025 Officially Inaugurated

“Universitas Aisyiyah Bandung should create the competitive competence and create the quality culture, and campus reinforced atmosphere. I hope the whole academic civitas can create UNISA Bandung as the basic academic place of action. Undoubtedly, with the akhlakul karimah spirit, professionality, integrity, and innovation in all activities,” Tia Setiawari SKep MKep Sp KepAn. Universitas Aisyiyah (UNISA) Bandung held the rector inauguration last Tuesday (26/10). After being inaugurated by ‘Aisyiyah Central Board, Tia Setiawari SKep MKep Sp KepAn officially became the rector of UNISA Bandung 2021-2025 period.

In the inauguration, the Sub coordinator Head of Human Resource Management of LLDIKTI, Chairman of ‘Aisyiyah Central Board and her team, Chairman of Muhammadiyah West Java Province Board, Chairman of ‘Aisyiyah West Java Province Board, Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung, General Director of Muhammadiyah Bandung Hospital, and the Chairman of Daily Advisory Board and team attended the agenda. In the official UNISA Bandung site, Tia explained the importance of good university governance in UNISA Bandung based on Islamic values.

Afterwards, the Chairman of ‘Aisyiyah Central Board, Dr. Hj. Siti Noordjanah Djohantini MM MS, also delivered the speech. She explained that UNISA Bandung was expected to build transformative leadership. It was according to the position of Universitas Aisyiyah Bandung as a university under the largest Muslim women organization in the world. Alongside that, the Muhammadiyah and ‘Aisyiyah culture was to contrive in developing and providing the intensive benefits. “I hope by the transformative leadership, UNISA Bandung can develop, support collaboration, synergize, and widen the collaboration. It can be a good collaboration in the internal organization or the other parties,” Siti Noordjanah said.

Moreover, Sub coordinator Head of Human Resource Management of LLDIKTI, Drs Wahyudin Tahedi SSos MSi explained that Universitas Aisyiyah Bandung should be accurate in planning the success indicators in higher education institutions. It includes resource management, collaboration, student exchange, Independent Campus implementation, and many others. “All higher education institutions in West Java should be smart and excellent to face the competitions,” he said. [] Diktilitbang

Rector of UNISA Bandung 2021-2025 Officially Inaugurated

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