UMKO Waqf Activity To Distribute Aids in North Lampung

Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Kotabumi (UMKO) conducted a waqf (charitable endowment) activity last Friday (10/12). Tabligh and Islamic Studies Division of IMM Commissariate Board of Teacher Training and Education Faculty UMKO was the agenda organizer. It aimed to produce an Islamic generation that upholds the community’s welfare and needs, especially in religious terms.

This activity targeted the Qur’an Learning Center (TPA) and Kindergarten (TK), which require assistance in North Lampung. The agenda was an implementation of one of the three essential competencies of IMM. The fundamental competencies, under these circumstances, were implemented in religiosity.

As reported on the official UMKO site, the agenda was expected to serve as an excellent example for the younger generation, especially students. The illustration was in the interfaith concern improvement. Moreover, it was expected to be the good attitude preservation which can be demonstrated in their intellectual perspective, especially in the accordance of Qur’an and Sunnah.

In the implementation, the agenda was based on the three verses in the Qur’an of the importance of waqf activities, comprising Al-Baqarah in verse 267, Ali-Imran in verse 92, and Al-Baqarah in verse 261. The three verses reflected on the values introduced by the IMM cadres to the communities.

The activity was conducted in a strict health protocol and continued by several supplies distribution, including Qur’an, Iqro’, and Islamic books. The Head of TPA and TK, the location of endowment distribution, also presented on this agenda.

UMKO Waqf Activity To Distribute Aids in North Lampung

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