IAIM Sinjai Students Get The Scholarship Again

Eight students of the Institute for Islamic Studies Muhammadiyah Sinjai (IAIM Sinjai) received the Achievement and Academic Improvement Scholarship in Islamic Higher Education (PTKI) all over Indonesia in 2021. Khaerunnisa is one student who is very grateful to receive the scholarship with her seven colleagues and thousands of students all over PTKI in Indonesia.

“I want to express my gratitude because the scholarship will support me to finish my study,” she said. Based on the verification result from the proposal submission of the Achievement and Academic Improvement Scholarship, it was listed on the Decree attachments a total of 3.094 beneficiaries in particular institutions who receive Rp 2 million per awardees. The total amount of the scholarship funding was Rp,00.

Moreover, the Vice-Rector III of Student Affairs and Alumni IAIM Sinjai, Dr Muh Anis MHum, also expressed his gratefulness for eight awardees of IAIM Sinjai students who get Achievement and Academic Improvement Scholarship from the Indonesia Ministry of Religious Affairs.

From the Decree, Dr Anis ensured that IAIM Sinjai students have a prideful achievement which could encourage the students to increase the academic and non-academic achievement volume. “Moreover, the scholarship was a reward and appreciation from the Ministry of Religious Affairs for Private Higher Education of Islamic Study (PTAIS). I hope the scholarship program was conducted annually, and undoubtedly, we hope the number of beneficiaries can be elevated,” he hoped. 

Again, IAIM Sinjai Students Achieve Scholarship

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