UMSU Library Volunteer Motorcycle Encourages Community’s Aliteracy

Coinciding with the 64th Anniversary, Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) officially launched the Library Volunteer Motorcycle. The launching ceremony was led by Dr Rudianto, MSi, the Vice-Rector III UMSU, in the Postgraduate Campus courtyard on Saturday (27/02). The innovation was conducted to solve aliteracy problems due to the book and library access.

The library volunteer motorcycle of UMSU would directly present in the community providing books that could be read anytime, everywhere, as this motorcycle was located in the visited areas. As reported on Suara Muhammadiyah, Rudianto expected that this motorcycle could enlighten the nations in loving science and books. “The idea is brilliant, very extraordinary, that should be developed. Today, perhaps, we launched one unit, but in short, we should improve the quantity. It is part of UMSU vision and mission to establish civilization in providing book access to the broader community,” he said.

The Head of Technical Implementation Unit of Library UMSU, Muhammad Arifin, MPd, explained the program as a suggestion and recommendation from the library volunteer group, and input from the Indonesia National Library assessor requested to elevate the role of library volunteer in the pandemic period. The Chief of Library, Oktia Elfriza Batubara, explained that this program included the no-charge reading as teaching collaborated with Kampung Outbound, no-charge for Qur’an Education (TPA) students in Sampali Village, book delivery (for the students around campus to borrow and return the books). It was planned that when the pandemic was ended, the motor would be visited Muhammadiyah schools in Elementary School and Junior High School.

UMSU Library Volunteer Motorcycle Encourages Community’s Aliteracy

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