UMSU Perseveres The Grand Champion of Best Campus In LLDIKTI North Sumatera

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) recollected the hat trick achievement for the grand champion of the best campus in the Institute for Higher Education (LLDIKTI) North Sumatera Regional Service. The result of monitoring and evaluation (monev) on Thursday (09/12) in Medan placed UMSU as the grand champion. This achievement brought UMSU to defend as the grand champion of the Private Higher Education Institution (PTS) in 3 consecutive years, 2019, 2020, and 2021.

The certificate of merit as the best PTS for the institution quality monev was directly handed over by the Head of LLDIKTI, Prof Dr Ibnu Hajar Damanik, MSi accompanied by the Secretary, Dr Mahriyuni, MHum to the UMSU Rector, Prof Dr Agussani, MAP.

UMSU has succeeded in bagging four 1st-places from seven categories and three 2nd-places based on the assessment standard conducted by LLDIKTI. LLDIKTI North Sumatera set the seven categories as the assessment indicator, including architecture, internal quality assurance system, independent learning, independent campus implementation, human resources. Moreover, the other three categories include anti-corruption, publication, and link and match.

The Head of LLDIKTI Noth Sumatera, Prof Dr Ibnu Hajar Damanik, MSi, appreciated UMSU’s accomplishment. “UMSU academic achievements are remarkable because UMSU can defend the achievements, due to persevere will be harder than to achieve. I think it is outstanding,” he said. He also mentioned the commitment and consistency of implementing the internal quality assurance system. UMSU can be a role model to be followed by the other universities. “I expect that LLDIKTI Quality Monev awards will be an encouragement for higher education institutions to improve the academic quality in North Sumatera,” he said.

The Rector of UMSU, Prof Dr Agussani, MAP, explained more about UMSU’s accomplishments which are inextricable from the LLDIKTI Regional I North Sumatera assistance. “The accomplishment can be achieved by hard work and commitment from all academic civitas who support the education service improvement based on the standard criteria of Quality Monev of Higher Education Tri Dharma implementation of LLDIKTI Regional I North Sumatera,” he said. The achievements also become a motivation to UMSU to improve educational services based on the nine standards.

UMSU Perseveres The Grand Champion of Best Campus In LLDIKTI North Sumatera

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