The 35th UMPO Anniversary Distributed 2000 Ta’jil Packages

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) distributed ta’jil (a light food menu eaten upon breaking the fast) commemorating the 35th UMPO anniversary. The event coincided with Ramadhan fasting month and was still in the Covid-19 pandemic.

By the theme “To Produce Milenial Intellectuals,” the campus established on 3 May 1986 dispersed ta’jil to all areas in Ponorogo regency. The ta’jil was provided to all motorcyclists, pedestrians, and drivers in Alon-Alon Utara, HOS Cokroaminoto, and Muhammadiyah Branch Boards areas on Sunday (02/05).

The rectorate and dean also attended and directly participated in the distribution of ta’jil in the broader community. The Rector of UMPO, Dr Happy Susanto, MA, mentioned the activity was a form of gratitude for the 35th anniversary and forging a good relationship with society. “Alhamdulillah, UMPO has celebrated its 35 years. By the anniversary commemoration, we expect that UMPO improve the quality, develop and get the wider community’s trust. Because UMPO is a prideful campus which belongs to Ponorogo people and nearby,” he said.

The 35th UMPO Anniversary Distributed 2000 Ta’jil Packages

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