UMS Students Discover Organic MSG That Safer and Healthier

A team of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) students accomplished to discover a flavor enhancer, an organic Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) that is safer and healthier in the human body due to its base ingredient from tempe and pineapple. The product called “Baharat” was a Student Creativity Program for Entrepreneurship (PKM-K) UMS that aimed to enhance the flavor of food to be savory.

“I hope our product, Baharat, is acceptable in the broader communities. The MSG is safer than the MSG that had circulated in the market because it has no chemical substance,” said the team leader, M Galih Wicaksono, Monday (05/09). The innovation of this organic MSG, he continued, is based on a credible article. He hoped that their product could be an alternative to the chemical MSG that has circulated in the market to improve public health. He also mentioned that Baharat is high in protein but low in natrium.

“From Baharat, it can reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, and other harmful diseases,” said Galih, accompanied by their supervisor, Endang Setyaningsih, S.Si., M.Si. Galih also mentioned that the organic MSG contains pineapple extract that contains Bromelain compound as anti-inflammation. The product also contains tempe that is rich in protein. Besides reducing the risk of Parkinson’s, the consumption of tempe will improve brain function and help to lower bad cholesterol. The product also does not contain preservatives so it is safe to consume and sell in liquid on a sachet. “The price is affordable,” he said.

Besides Galih as the team leader, Kus Alan Dhimas Prabowo, Aulia Firda Salsabila, Eriza Putri Ayu Ning Tias, and Lu’lu’ul Rosyiqul Hayati were from different study programs, including Biology Education, Teaching Training and Education Faculty; Chemical Engineering, Engineering Faculty; and Nutrition Science, the Health Science Faculty. “So far, the organic MSG Baharat has been tested through microbiology, organoleptic, and nutritional fact in Product Quality Testing and Certification (BPSMB) of Surakarta,” said Endang Setyaningsih.

UMS Students Discover Organic MSG That Safer and Healthier

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