ITBM Bali Becomes The First MHEI in Bali

Muhammadiyah expanded the da’wah spirit through education once more. It was marked with establishing the Technology and Business Institute ‘Institute Teknologi dan Bisnis’ (ITB) Muhammadiyah Bali with the Ministerial Decree of Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number 449/E/O/2021.

The first Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institution (MHEI) establishment in Bali aims to create the Muhammadiyah generation as intelligent, militant, and energic cadres. As Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PDM) Jembrana, Edi Susilo explained the establishment of the first Muhammadiyah campus in Bali as the support for Muhammadiyah Service (AUM) to create Muhammadiyah generation in more developed characters. Drs. Muhammad Bahirman, as the Daily Advisory Board of ITB Muhammadiyah Bali, mentioned the location selection of ITBM Bali in Jembrana because it is the oldest site in Bali and has enormous potential prospective students. “Jembrana is also near with East Java so that the assistance process of Muhammadiyah Province Board (PWM) East Java for ITBM Bali could be easily implemented,” he said.

At the same time, Muhammad Sayuti, as the Secretary of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD), explained that the ITBM Bali establishment was time-consuming. “Roughly five years ago, I directly came to Bali to encourage and motivate the Muhammadiyah Province Board of Bali to have a higher education institution,” he said. Having the CHERD assistance, PWM Bali and MHEIs in East Java support, the establishment effort of ITBM Bali could be realized. “Muhammadiyah built campus with step-by step process from below legally and formally, not through the back door in establishing the campus. It is purely from Muhammadiyah goals in developing higher education institutions in Bali could be realized,” he concluded. Sayuti also hoped that ITBM Bali, which has been established, could be developed better in the Muhammadiyah Bali organization.

ITBM Bali Becomes The First Muhammadiyah Campus in Bali

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