Inauguration of Twelve Student Organization Boards of ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Solo-Twelve Student Organization Boards (Ormawa) of the Institute for Technology, Science, and Health Science (ITS) PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta has been inaugurated by the Rector, Wenny Hastuti MKes, Ph.D. in the local campus, Solo, Thursday (25/11). The inauguration was conducted blended, both virtual and offline.

“The student involvement in Student Activities Unit (UKM) describes that apart from the academic activities, the students can share their talent and interest,” the Rector of ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta said.

Moreover, she mentioned the UKM activities as students’ character or soft skill development. It also served as a place to learn leadership, collaboration, and conflict management. “Undoubtedly, we expect that the activities in UKM are more creative and innovative, ahead,” she said.

The twelve Ormawa leaders in ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta includes Muh Anan Wais Lahay (Muhammadiyah Student Association), Alamsyah (Student Executive Board/BEM), Muhammad Afwan Cahyadi (Volunteer Corps/KSR), Faranzandi Heydar (Muhammadiyah Martial Arts/Tapak Suci), Zidane Nur Araya (Muhammadiyah Scout/HW), Lintang Agung Yuwono (Nursery Student Association/Himaper), Bunga Anjelia Permata Sari (Midwifery Student Association/Himabid), Siti Noviyanti (Nutrition Science Student Association/Himagizi), Muh Anan Wais Lahay (Anesteciology Student Association/Himanes), M. Subkhan Asrori (Electromedical Engineering Student Association/Himatemi), Ramadhana Nur Hikmah (Nursery Profession Student Association/Himaners), dan Muhammad Rafi Alwatoni (Informatics Engineering Student Association/Himatif).

Sri Mintarsih, SKep, Ns, MKes as the Vice-Rector III, the Student Affairs, the eleven Ormawa was inaugurated by the Rector ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta and one Ormawa, IMM BPH PK Al-Fatih, was inaugurated by IMM Regional Board of Surakarta. The inauguration of the eleven Ormawa consisted of 242 students from seven study programs in ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta.

“This Ormawa stewardship becomes a management practice to train leadership, independence, responsibility, discipline, and traits in line with the vision and mission of an organization and carry out the program established. I expect that the Ormawa dynamic can run smoothly and may form a good character based on Islamic values and elevate students’ soft skills,” Sri Mintarsih, SKep, Ns, MKes hoped.

Inauguration of Twelve Student Organization Boards of ITS PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta

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