Six Students of IAIM Sinjai Get Scholarship From Hadji Kalla Foundation

Six students of the Institute for Islamic Studies of Muhammadiyah (IAIM) Sinjai passed as the recipients of a scholarship on Tuesday (23/11). The scholarship program was Hadji Kalla Foundation scholarship program in South Sulawesi. A hundred of seventy-two students from several universities have passed this program. The students carried out the selection process to achieve the financial aid for tuition fees, including the talent and achievement in sport and art. The selection process included Al-Qur’an recitation, social organization involvement, and many others.

The Student Affairs Department, Badiana MPd, received the announcement and informed the beneficiaries, namely Afif Abdurrahman (Hafiz Qur’an specification), Andi Muammar Kareba (Disability specification), Asisah Nur Fariana (Academic II specification), Faturrahman Fadli (Hafiz Qur’an specification), Rahmawati (Academic II specification), Sulastri (Academic II specification).

Andi Muammar Kareba, one of the beneficiaries, appreciated to Hadji Kalla Foundation. “The scholarship will assist our study,” he said. The Vice-Rector III for Students affair, Dr Muh Anis, MHum, mentioned the scholarship which supports IAIM Sinjai students in two consecutive years.

“Therefore, we said jazakumullah khairan katsiran (may God rewards you) to Hadji Kalla Foundation for the trust providing the IAIM Sinjai students. We wished the scholarship grantees will benefit it well,” Muh Anis said.

Six Students of IAIM Sinjai Get Scholarship From Hadji Kalla Foundation

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