UMLA Three Medals in Lamongan Regional Championship

Universitas Muhammadiyah Lamongan (UMLA) Students bagged three medals in the KONI Lamongan Regional Championship on last Friday to Sunday (12-14/11). The competition was conducted in Sports Center, Lamongan. Three medals in the different sports branches have been awarded to UMLA students. They were Muhammad Syaifuddin Zuhri in Tarung Drajat Sport with gold medal, Fajar Aliev Sandy in E-Sport Free Fire branch with silver medal, and Moch Fajar Aliem in E-Sport Mobile Legend with silver medal.

One of lecturers in Pharmacy Program, Djati Wulan Kusumo, MFam, was a supervisor of Muhammad Syaifuddin Zuhri and Moch Fajar Aliem. He was proud of his student’s achievements. He expected both of them, specifically, all UMLA athletes in general, to keep on fire to achieve something and succeed in the future, both at the national and international level. “Moreover, they should stay serious about their studies. I hope they can achieve academic accomplishment too,” he said.

Afterwards, Adi Lukman Hakim SE MM as a supervisor in Management Program is Fajar Aliev Sandy lecturer. He supported him and congratulated him on his student’s achievements. “I appreciate and am grateful to students who persevere with their hobbies and many other talents. Because, non-academic achievement was essential too. Encourage yourself to be eager to learn more, and try everything that you fight for earnestly,” he said, as reported on the official UMLA site.

UMLA Three Medals in Lamongan Regional Championship

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