UM Tangerang Face-to-face Learning Has Been Started

Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang (UMT) started a limited face-to-face learning process on Monday (22/11). The Rector of UMT, Dr H Ahmad Amarullah, MPd, explained that remote learning had been conducted in two years. Therefore, starting from November 2021, UMT has initiated their limiter face-to-face learning (PTM).

He mentioned that this limited PTM on odd semester 2021/2022 has been applied for the first and last semesters. However, it could be based on the needs of each faculty.

Ahmad Amarullah highlighted the requirements during the PTM. Firstly, the students are healthy. Secondly, students have parental permission. Lastly, the students can understand and apply the health protocol inside and outside the campus. “It involves the staff. They should be in their fit condition and could maintain the health protocol,” he said on Tuesday (23/11).

Moreover, he explained that students should not be careless and put other students in danger. Therefore, he suggested that students obey the 6M principles, including wearing masks, washing hands, keeping distance, avoiding the crowd, decreasing mobilization, and not eating collectively.

Afterwards, UMT Academic and Student Affairs Bureau, Ali Mubin MA, explained the facilities, schedules, guidelines, supervisors, and health protocol standard operational procedure have been ready to implement the face-to-face learning. As reported on the official UMT site, the PTM implementation also needs gradual reports for the Task Force of Covid-19 Response Acceleration. “It should conduct testing and tracing gradually,” he said.

UMT Face-to-face Learning Has Been Started

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