UMM Students Created Coffee Bean Roasting Equipment

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Students Team developed roasting equipment with Thermal Oil Jacket technology named Smart Roaster Coffee Beans Based Microcontroller. The innovation was designed to help the suppliers increase roasted coffee bean production.

The equipment was also included in Student Creativity Program on IPTEK Implementation ‘Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa bidang Penerapan IPTEK’ (PKM-PI) and succeeded in getting funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of Higher Education. Bagas, one of the team members, said that the roasting equipment was created from the challenges faced by their business partner. “Several weaknesses we faced was the productivity of the roasting equipment still in the low category according to my (business) partners. Moreover, the time spent to roast the coffee bean is still relatively slow,” he said.

Mechanical Engineering Students also explained the Smart Roaster Coffee Beans Based Microcontroller procedure. “When the equipment is connected to electricity, the heater will automatically heat the oil up inside. The oil works to spread the heat equally to the whole tube and start to roast the beans. The equipment is completed by PT100 temperature sensor to find out when the equipment is ready to roast,” he said as reported on, Thursday (14/10).

The equipment has been operated for a month by Clegoeg Coffee supplier. Bagas explained that their partner was satisfied with the roasting equipment. It is because the equipment increased the roasting production from twice a week to four times a week. “Moreover, after using the equipment, the income increased to 50% from previous incomes. [] UMM / Diktilitbang

UMM Students Created Coffee Bean Roasting Equipment

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