STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta Conducted Vaccination

Institute for Economics Science Muhammadiyah Jakarta (STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta) became a vaccination site from Monday to Thursday (2-5/08). In the implementation, STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta collaborated with Regional Military Command (Kodam) Jaya Jakarta. The health workers were involved in the vaccination also from Kodam Jaya Jakarta. The Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta also supported this circumstance. A thousand and five hundred participants have been vaccinated, involving the students and public community.

The agenda raised theme “To Protect Ourselves and Families by Covid-19 Vaccination”. It aimed to accelerate handling Covid-19 in Jakarta. The public community was vaccinated for the first dose.

The poster “Serbuan Vaksinasi Covid-19: Get Your Vaccine” promoted the community to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The requirements needed for the vaccination were a copy of the Identity Card, the original Card, and wearing a mask.

The Vice-Chairman III of Student Affairs, Sutar SE MM, explained the details for the vaccination purpose. The first goal was to support governmental programs in accelerating the vaccination process. The second purpose was to prevent and stop the Covid-19 transmission. “Afterwards, the third goal is to maintain the healthy academic civitas and cut the Covid-19 transmission on campus,” he said, as reported on the official STIEMJ site.

STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta Conducted Vaccination

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