UNIMUDA RJK Park Officially Occupied

Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah (UNIMUDA) Sorong was officially inaugurated by Robert Joppy Kardinal, S.A.B. (DPR RI member) Tuesday (06/04). RJK Park is a new tourism site with outdoor fitness sports equipment that is open to the public to be beneficial for the surrounding community on the UNIMUDA Sorong campus.

As reported on the UNIMUDA site, RJK Park was taken from the initial name of DPR RI (House of Representative of Indonesia) member, Robert Joppy Kardinal, to become an appreciation for him. “I thought it was an outstanding appreciation for me, and I am also grateful to the campus which appreciates and keeps what is given by the state through DPR RI member,” Robert Joppy Kardinal, S.A.B. said.

In his remarks, the Vice-Rector I of UNIMUDA Sorong, Doni Sudibyo, M.Pd explained the common challenge in Sorong, which currently, the public infrastructure was so minimum. “Therefore, we make it an opportunity to be a pioneer. But also, undoubtedly, we always invite several partners in supporting the programs.”

The Vice-Rector of UNIMUDA Sorong also appreciated DPR RI West Papua, Robert J. Kardinal, to commit to developing human resources in UNIMUDA Sorong. “Pak Robert has actively supported Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sorong and in return, we also readily provided social service to the community,” the Vice-Rector I said.

He also explained that UNIMUDA Sorong was a strategic location in RJK Park implementation. “Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sorong becomes a right place for the RJK Park due to the various tribes also gathered here that they can maximize in RJK Part utilization,” the Vice-Rector I said.

UNIMUDA RJK Park Officially Occupied

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