The Shariah Banking Research of UMY Lecturers Won Achievement

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) Lecturer won an achievement in research. The UMY Economics and Business lecture, Dr. Dimas Bagus Wiranatakuruma SE MEc with Nurlaili Sukmawati won second place in General Category in Call for Paper competitions on Scientific Research Work ‘Karya Riset Ilmiah’ (KARISMA) last Thursday (28/10). The Institute for Financial Services Authority (OJKI) held this competition.

Both raised the issue of risk mitigation in the several contracts in Indonesia Shariah Bank. The research, as reported on the official UMY site, aimed to keep shariah banks’ ideal threshold to maintain the bank’s health. They explained that Shariah Banks have an essential role in driving the national economy through financing. It determined operational function from shariah banking. “Financing is a productive asset that is vulnerable to risk so that it can interfere with the operational function of shariah banks,” Dimas explained in the interview with UMY Public Relations Friday (29/10).

By the theme “Analysis of Measuring Optimal Portfolio in Shariah Banking Contracts in Indonesia”. The research object was the shariah banks, particularly the public shariah banks and shariah business unit, mudharabah, musharakah, murabahah, and istishna. The range of the study in the research was from 2004 to 2020 on a monthly data basis.

There are several aspects in the rating indicators. Firstly, the theme relevance aspect. Secondly, the content aspect impacted the financial service sector development in Indonesia. Thirdly, the originality of the writing. They both hoped that their research contributes to the policy and practical use of the operational shariah bank in Indonesia. “The research provides recommendations on how to keep banks in a healthy condition in various economic conditions by setting optimal thresholds,” Dimas, UMY Lecturer, concluded.

The announcement of the winners of this OJK Scientific Research Work was broadcast via Zoom Meeting, Thursday (28/10). The research included 30 Regtech topics, 42 Risk Management topics, and 28 Suptech topics. [] Diktilitbang

The Shariah Banking Research of UMY Lecturer Won Achievement

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