UMGO Students Built Mosque in Diyonumo Island

Da’wah Study Service of Universitas Muhammadiyah Gorontalo (UM Gorontalo) Students built a mosque in Dionumo Island tourist attraction, Deme Dua Village, East Sumala, North Gorontalo Regency in 52 days by mutual corporations.

The mosque building was supported by Institute for Research and Community Service, UM Gorontalo leaders, and the surrounding communities who were involved in the mosque construction process. The Vice-Rector I UM Gorontalo, Prof. Dr. Hj. Moon Hidayati Otoluwa, M.Hum attended and officially established the Al-Bahri mosque. She also appreciated UM Gorontalo students in bringing the mosque came into existence. “Alhamdulillah, we had opportunities to officially build Al-Bahri mosque which was initiated by UM Gorontalo students,” she concluded. She also hoped that the mosque benefited the community and the tourists in Diyonumo. “ With the perseverance and sincerity of the community, we build the mosque. Hopefully, the tourists will be comfortable with the mosque’s existence, and more tourists will visit the Diyonumo. It potentially increases the village income,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Head Village of Deme Dua, Yusuf Talib highly appreciated to Da’wah Study Service (KKD) UMGO students who contributed and associated with the village administrators and community for 52 days. “Fifty-two days are not enough because the KKD UMGO is the best of the best, and they leave good deeds to the community and village administrators. Therefore, I asked KKD UMGO may have repeated programs in the future to continue the good deeds of KKD in our village,” he said, as reported on Friday (29/10).

UM Gorontalo Students Built Mosque in Diyonumo Island

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