UMM Student Collected 17 Taekwondo Medals

Sintia Rahmah, a UMM student, achieved dozens of sport championship medals in Taekwondo. The medals were collected from her unintentionally joining the extracurricular of martial arts when she was in 3rd grade of Elementary School.

Sintia admitted that she gladly participated in exploring sports since she was young. “Before joining Taekwondo, I ever joined football. However, when Taekwondo was famous, many people wanted to try that kind of sport. Moreover, my siblings also registered Taekwondo in their school,” said that Central Kalimantan student.

Since then, Sintia began to pursue Taekwondo seriously from regional, national, and international level championships. Especially when she was a UMM student, she received a lot of competition information. She frequently won the tournament both in team and individual, one of which was the Bandung International E-Poomsae Tournament and Online Indonesia International Biho President Cup that she achieved this year.

Until now, Sintia had collected 17 medals from various competitions. She started from the bronze and gold medals at the regional level until the international one. She said the support of her parents motivated her more to pursue the hobby she liked. “I will try my best to improve and get medals in the next championships. Of course, with the prayers and support of my father and mother, it will make my path easier,” she concluded. [] Diktilitbang

UMM Student Collected 17 Taekwondo Medals

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