UMSi Lecturer Created Modern Trigona Hives Producing Medicinal Pure Honey

The Animal Husbandry Science lecturer of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sinjai (UMSi) conducted community service in Bana village, Bontocani district, Bone regency. The agenda aimed to introduce the new technology in elevating honey production. The innovation used a particular Trigona bee known as Double Chamber PVC Hive. The hive was produced from the water pipes, convinced it can make honey faster and more significant in numbers than conventional hives, which local communities have conducted.

Azmi Mangalisu, the UMSi lecturer, conducted the program, funded from the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DRPM) grant in the fiscal year 2021 after undergoing a proposal selection process in the Community Partnership Program (PKM).

The output showed the increasing knowledge in elevating the Trigona honey production based on the technological implementation of double chamber PVC hives in Tengnga, Bana village. “Alhamdulillah, we as beekeepers are helped by this socialization and assistance of the modern hives that, in reality, can increase the production number of Trigona honey in our village. We appreciate the Animal Husbandry science lecturer who disseminated the knowledge,” Mustagaenal Akhyar, one of the beekeepers, said.

The agenda was conducted for two days attended by Mochamad Nurdin, SIP, MA as the UMSi Vice-Rector III of Students Affairs, Publication, Collaboration, and Alumni; Baharuddin, S.Sos, S.Pd.I, MSi as the Head of Institute for Research and Community Service; Dr Abd Hakim Fattah, SPt, MSi as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology; and several lecturers and students in Animal Husbandry Department. In the circumstances, Indonesia Honey Bees Inspirators in South Sulawesi and the beekeepers association and local government members were also present.

UMSi Lecturer Created Modern Trigona Hives Producing Medicinal Pure Honey

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