STIA Muhammadiyah Selong Supports Village Information System

Institute of Administrative Sciences (STIA) Muhammadiyah Selong held a Regional Seminar in STIA Muhammadiyah Selong Auditorium last Saturday (31/7). By theme “The Function of Village Information System (SID) in the Community Service”, the seminar had four papers of STIA Muhammadiyah Selong to discuss. The discussants comprise Muhammad Khairil SIP MSi, Head of the Village Community Empowerment Service Lombok Timur Regency; Dr. M Hasbi Santoso M Mr, Assistant III General Administration Division; Drs Atma Yakin MM, The Secretary of Population and Civil Registration Agency Lombok Timur Regency.

On the official STIA Muhammadiyah Selong site, Yanuar Affandy SH MM as the Chair Committee expressed his gratitude for the seminar which ran well. “Alhamdulillah, the seminar runs well. The material of the seminar is up-to-date and urgent. The seminar aimed to provide knowledge and experience to the students about the importance of the Village Information System,” he said.

Yanuar Affandy agreed that SID was an important element. Meanwhile, the village administrator was commonly late to pay the website subscription, consequently, the SID could not be accessed. Ironically, in several villages, the SID was not estimated in the budgeting. One of the paper presentations which Lombok Timur Government as the research object. The research result in Community and Village Empowerment Agency (DPMD) recommendation to pay attention and constrain the village government to add SID in the village budgeting. To conclude, Yanuar Anwar hoped the similar seminar implementation more frequently conducted by MHEIs. [] Diktilitbang

STIA Muhammadiyah Selong Supports Village Information System

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