UMPO Launches Statistics Corner to Raise Statistic Awareness

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) launched a Statistics Corner on Thursday (13/10). Located in UMPO Library, the launching was held. This statistics corner of UMPO aimed to widely share information, benefits, and awareness in raising statistical awareness for youth, especially UM Ponorogo students. On this occasion, the Head of Central Statistics Board (BPS) Ponorogo attended the launching as one of the partnership programs.

In the launching, the Head of BPS Ponorogo, Ir. Siswi Harini, M.Si officiated the ribbon cutting ceremony for UMPO Statistics Corner. On the other hand, Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo was represented by the Rector, Dr Happy Susanto, MA witnessed the launching. Besides the ceremony, UMPO also organized a public lecture and Memorandum of Ceremony (MoU) signing procession from both parties. Two UM Ponorogo students were also mandated for Statistics Agents in the launching of this Statistics Corner.

The existence of this Statistic Corner would serve as the facilities, service center and promotion of digital-based and analog-based statistics. The corner also can be used by students and academicians to learn, discuss, research, and elevate inspiration and innovation of institutional development, local improvement, national development. It also aimed to portrayed UM Ponorogo’s attempts in facing challenges and technological advancement to provide accurate data.

UMPO Launches Statistics Corner to Raise Statistic Awareness

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