Inauguration of Musyrif and Musyrifah of Unisa Yogyakarta Student Dormitory

Eighteen musyrif and musyrifah (student mentors) of Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (Unisa) Yogyakarta in 2022-2023 were officially inaugurated on the local campus, Saturday (01/09). They were prepared as dormitory mentors for 1,900 incoming students in the university. On this occasion, the mentors were the scholarship awardees from Unisa Yogyakarta. Unisa also organized a selection process for 26 prospective mentors that included various selection materials, sholat (prayer) and thoharoh (cleanliness) practices, reading and writing the Qur’an, and also interviews to test their commitment.

The prospective mentors, previously, carried out two-month intensive training in the dormitory. This training aimed to build four competencies to be owned by the musyrif/musyrifah. Specifically, four competencies include religious competency, academic and intellectual competence, social-humanity, and exemplary competency which includes organization and leadership values.

The inauguration became the ceremonial induction after training for the musyrif and musyrifah that was attended by the Daily Advisory Board (BPH), Dra. Hj. Uni Hani, M.Kes; the Unisa Yogyakarta Chancellor, Warsity, S.Kp., M.Kep., Sp.Mat; the Vice Rector III for AIK (Islam and Muhammadiyah) and Student Affairs, Dr. Mufdilah, S.SiT., M.Sc; the Chairman of Islam Studies and Practices Institutes (LPPI), Dr. Islamiyaturrahman, M.Si; the Vice Dean of Health Science Faculty, Wantonoro, Ph.D.; and the Vice Dean of Economics, Social Science, and Humanities Faculty, Nur Fitri Mutmainnah, S.IP., M.P.A. The various guests from UMY University Residence Board and Muhammadiyah Students Association also witnessed the inauguration.

The Dormitory director, Royan Utsany, Lc, M.H.I highly appreciate all musyrif and musyrifah who have been patient and committed to carrying out the intensive training. “I hope that this achievement will be beneficial in the implementation of dormitory programs and also affect the quality of human resources in Unisa Yogyakarta,” he said.

In her remarks,  Warsiti, S.Kep, M.Kep, Sp.Mat, Unisa Yogyakarta chancellor, prompted all mentors to uphold noble characters and become a good example for all students in the dormitory. The procession was also witnessed by the General Secretary of Student Dormitory Management Association (ASLAMA) MHEIs, Mahfud Khoirul Amin, MSi, and took the oath of commitment from musyrif and musyrifah. 

Furthermore, the procession was closed by putting a cap (peci) for males and ID Cards from the Vice-Rector III, Dr. Mufdilah, S.SiT, M.Sc. to the musyrif and musyrifah in 2022-2023. “We expect your duties and responsibilities (in the dormitory), to assist the freshmen with 10-day assistance while they stay here, in the Unisa Yogyakarta student dormitory,” she added.

Inauguration of Musyrif and Musyrifah of Unisa Yogyakarta Student Dormitory

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