UM Palembang Public Lecture Builds Tax Awareness in Students

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang (UM Palembang) held a public lecture “Subsidies in State Budget Structure” on Monday (12/09). At the public lecture, Ir Romadhianah MEc, the Head of Directorate General of Taxes (DJP) in Regional Office South Sulawesi and Bangka Belitung became a speaker. The Rector of UM Palembang, Dr. Abid Djazuli SE MM delivered his remarks before the Public Lecture began. He was accompanied by the Vice-Rector, the Director of the Postgraduate Program, the Dean, the Vice Dean, and UM Palembang students.

Dr. Abid Djazuli SE MM explained that the Independent Learning and Independent Campus (MBKM) policy became a new learning model in Indonesia. One of MBKM’s novelty is to elevate the graduates’ quality in the higher education institution. Therefore, one of the improvements was through student and lecturer’s development in following the public lecture. “This public lecture directly invites experts. So the lecturer and students will understand directly from the experts about any issues,” she said, as reported on UM Palembang site. He added that this particular topic was a considerable topic for discussion in education.

Ir Romadhianah MEc invited all students and lecturers to understand the importance of tax payments in citizenship. “The construction of roads, healthcare facilities, education, and many other infrastructures come from tax,” she said. In addition, the tax potency has barely been tapped. Therefore, students as the next generation should raise tax awareness for all communities.

UM Palembang Public Lecture Builds Tax Awareness in Students

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