UMS Introduced 2022/2023 New Student Enrolment System

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) launched New Student Enrolment (PMB) system by inviting High School students and teachers from various regions in a blended method in the Seminar Room of the 7th Floor Siti Walidah Main Building and Zoom Meeting platform, Wednesday (01/12).

UMS had conducted soft-launching before the official launching for three days, as the Chairman of PMB, Dr Triyono, MSi, said. “In the 3-days soft launching, the number of prospective students who have been registered were 474 people. 161 students registered for Medical Science Faculty,” he said.

UMS also awarded the first two registered students for the launch, namely Ghina Raudhatul Jannah in Law Faculty and Putri Kinasih Sulistiani in Pharmacy Faculty.

When the Rector greeted her, Ghina expressed her prideful excitement because she became the first student who succeeded to be UMS student. She also mentioned her intention about the learning system, “I want a face-to-face learning, Sir,” the students from Kalimantan Tengah said. Moreover, UMS also awarded ten schools that sent their students to study in UMS.

Compared with 2021/2022 PMB, currently, UMS would use a reservation system for Computer Base Test (CBT) implementation so the prospective students can decide the CBT schedule and which computer they want to use.

This breakthrough portrayed the campus’s efforts to be different from other Higher Education institutions. The One Day Service (ODS) system was reliable for the potential prospective students. It ensued the outstanding result from year to year. “In 10 years, the ODS program resulted in incredible outcomes. Not only to ease related staff and students but also produce qualified graduates,” Sofyan said.

UMS Introduced 2022/2023 New Student Enrolment System

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