UMKU Entrepreneurship Webinar Raised “Be The Next Entrepreneur”

Student Executive Board (BEM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus (UMKU) held the Entrepreneurship Webinar. The webinar was conducted on Sunday (20/06) and raised the theme “Be The Next Entrepreneur: Challenge, Opportunity and How To Survive”. The event was held online in Zoom Meeting and live streaming on Youtube. Two speakers, Dr Kintoko SF MSc Apt, the FOunder of Naturonal Official and Nunung Agus Firmansyah ST MT, the Director CV Gafiro Total Sulosindo and the Industrial Engineering UMKU lecturer. Rizky Prayogo Pangestu led their session as moderator.

The first speaker, Nunung Agus Firmansyah, explained “Survive in the Pandemic Era By Technopreneurship”. In his presentation, he mentioned how to survive in the unpredictable situation of a pandemic. One of those is to be a socially responsible person. “The students are the prospective nation leaders, top and qualified human resources, and have good competence. Academically, you have good competence and achievements. And as a student, you should have social responsibility and appropriate ethics. I hope that UMKU students should adapt with the environment and personally, especially in a pandemic,” he said.

Kintoko presented the second material. He explained that the transformation of knowledge and skill for business continuity is essential to survive. “There are several steps in the business development, such as the growth of value, motivation and intention, skills and training, start-up business, and scaling-up/mastery,” Kintoko said. Furthermore, he explained that dream has a considerable contribution due to motivation to reach the objective.

Ulil Albab, the coordinator of Event Organizer, mentioned the youth participation in modern business, starting from the small enterprises and product innovation. It becomes a fundamental reason for conducting the entrepreneur seminar. “It aimed to encourage youth from the knowledge sharing of the speakers,” he said.

UMKU Entrepreneurship Webinar Raised “Be The Next Entrepreneur”

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