UMMAT Academic Civitas Underwent Second Dose Vaccination

Universitas Muhammadiyah Mataram (UMMAT) held the mass vaccination for the academic civitas last Tuesday (31/8). UMMAT collaborated with Regional Police (Polda) West Nusa Tenggara to conduct this agenda. It was for the second dose injection, which targeted the UMMAT students, lecturers, and staff. H Anwar Ikraman Hall became the vaccination site by applying strict health protocol. There were 1.100 vaccination participants, including the first dose participants, who attended this activity.

The committee chairman, Hafsah MPd, said that the mass vaccination aimed to prepare the offline lecture. It was an anticipation for the ending of restrictions on community activities (PPKM). Moreover, the vaccination also became the requirement of graduation, community service (KKN), Baitul Arqam (cadre training), and many others. It also became essential to implementing the first-year student’s orientation to campus life (PKKMB). “Later, we should consider the restriction on community activities level. If there is no restriction, we could conduct several activities offline because the participants have been vaccinated. However, we should apply a strict health protocol,” he said as reported on the official UMMAT site.

Afterwards, Hafsah hoped that UMMAT reached 75% vaccinated academic civitas. The academic civitas included the lecturers and academic staff. Currently, last Thursday (9/9), UMMAT has reached 35%. “Later, if we reach 75%, we surely hoped that we could 100% vaccinate. Currently, we keep on working to improve it,” he concluded. [] Diktilitbang

UMMAT Academic Civitas Underwent Second Dose Vaccination

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