UMM’s MoU Realizing The Poultry Professional Class

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held MoU and MoA signing with several companies last Saturday (4/9). The companies including PT Sanbe Farma, PT Mensana, and PT Sapta Karya Megah in Grand Surya Hotel Kediri. The signing ceremony became the supporting form of the three companies to realize the Poultry Professional Class from UMM. The agenda also includes a commitment to run the Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) by the Faculty of Animal Science.

The Rector of UMM, Dr. Fauzan M.Pd., also attended the signing ceremony. The partnership was essential to encourage the students to get job opportunities in a short time after graduation. “Besides being a commitment in realizing MBKM, the agenda also becomes the strategic way to the students,” Fauzan inferred on the official UMM site.

The Dean of Animal Science Faculty, Dr. Ir. David Hermawan MP IPM, explained that the three companies would be involved in the student practicum workshops. The purpose of this partnership is to reconstruct the study material according to industrial needs. “Hopefully, the practicum output will be a provision for students before taking a professional poultry class,” he said.

The three companies appreciated the partnership by signing the MoU and MoA. They hoped it might create the graduates of The Poultry Professional Class who are ready to work. According to them, it was better to increase the internship program instead of adding the skill training, which may not necessarily be absorbed by industrial work. By recruiting The Poultry Professional Class graduates, it is hoped it may cut the time and costs generally allocated to new employees recruitment. 

UMM’s MoU Realizing The Poultry Professional Class

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