Innovation of Unismuh Makassar Students Processed Orange Peels

Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh Makassar) held the dissemination of their innovation, namely processing the orange peels to be candy with economic values. The training was conducted in the Hall of Padang Lampe Administrative Office. Many people from Padang Lampe Village, Ma’rang districts, Pangkep district attended the training last Monday (1/11).

The program was entitled “The Dissemination of Bakara Peppe Processing and Orange Peels Candy.” The purpose of the agenda is to empower village people to establish small and medium enterprises through innovation. Moreover, the products could be the new product from Padang Lampe.

Nurul Halimah Safar as the person in charge, explained the dissemination aimed to inspire and innovate to the communities. The inspiration from the knowledge given to support Padang Lampe communities economically, especially in the Covid-19 pandemics.

Syahruddin, as the Chief of Padang Lampe Village, appreciated the processing of orange peels dissemination. “We highly valued to the Community Service students. For the first time, a student group disseminates the local agricultural product in Padang Lampe village. The orange peels were usually wasted with no economic value, but they turned out to be products with monetary value.

Syafruddin expected that it could be continued after the dissemination, especially considering the agricultural commodity in the village, such as pamelo orange in Padang Lampe. “It can be an alternative or solution to support Padang Lampe village economically,” he said.

Muhammad Aswar, the thematic community service program coordinator from Unismuh Makassar Primary School Teacher Education Department, explained that Padang Lampe communities could continue the innovation to be a new business unit as an alternative to developing the small and medium enterprises.

Innovation of Unismuh Makassar Students Processed Orange Peels

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