The 57th Milad Series, UM Purworejo Held Social Service

To mark the 57th anniversary, UM Purworejo held social service (baksos) by delivering groceries to the local community, Monday (4/10). In addition, a hundred groceries packet were shared with the community and street vendors nearby the main campus, the 2nd, and the 3rd campus.

Dr. Umi Faizah, M.Pd explained that the groceries packet was shared with the internal campus community and the society nearby who previously had been given a coupon. The coupon was used to take the groceries. “This baksos activity is a series of the 57th milad. Besides the social service, the massive vaccination, national seminar, and sport tournament were also conducted,” the committee explained.

Rector of UM Purworejo, Dr. Rofiq Nurhadi, M.Ag stated by this baksos implementation; he hoped to forge a kinship and harmony with the societies. Moreover, he continued to improve the social welfare in the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the economics. “The (baksos) activity is dedicated to being self-reflection, institution’s goal, and future expectations,” he added. [] Humas UM Purworejo / Diktilitbang

UM Purworejo Held Social Service In The 57th Milad Series

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