UM Buton Webinar in Supporting Digital Literacy

Universitas Muhammadiyah Buton (UM Buton) held a Webinar of the National Digital Literacy Movement last Monday (4/10) to encourage digital literacy implementation. The webinar was the first agenda in the webinar series, themed “Friendly da’wah to strengthen the national spirit.” The Vice Regent of Baubau, La Ode Ahmad Monianse presented as keynote speaker. The other speakers, Wardana MSi, UM Buton Lecturer; Safaruddin Yahya MPd, Institute for Islamic Studies dan Muhammadiyah UM Buton; Dr Hamzah, Editor in Chief of; and key opinion leader, Dr Fajar Junaedi, Communication Science Association of Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institution (PTMA).

La Ode hoped that the digital literacy agenda might develop the internet competence in the society, especially Baubau netizens on utilizing the digital media in the pandemic. “We need to do da’wah in the digital world because the young generations interact a lot in social media. Take advantage of social media so that young people are not misguided in using digital media,” he said. Afterwards, he also expressed his gratitude to UM Buton as the organizer.

Dr Fajar Junaedi admitted the agenda as the key opinion leader. He explained that digital media have to be filled with positive content to avoid the negative impact. One of which was mentioned on the official UM Buton site to deal with hoaxes. “In getting the new information, please do verification first before deciding to share it,” he admitted.

Thereafter, the speakers explained the importance of digital literacy. Each of the speakers discussed digital competence, digital culture, digital ethics, and digital security. [] Diktilitbang

UM Buton Webinar in Supporting Digital Literacy

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