UNMUHA Community Service Team Educates The Dangers of Smoking

Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh (UNMUHA) team conducted a community service program on Wednesday (01/06). The program was located in Gampong Ceurih, Ulee Kareng district, Banda Aceh. It raised the theme “Education of Smoke-free Homes.” As the resource persons, Tahara Dila Santi, M Biomed, Vera Nazhira MPH, and four Public Health students presented in Banda Aceh. Moreover, all speakers presented the dangers of smoking indoors.

“Smoking indoors, especially in the house can influence the health condition,due to the hazardous materials relating to carcinogens,” said Tahara Dila Santi. The tobacco-smoke residue might linger on household furniture, curtains, carpets, and walls. It aligned with Vera Nazhira’s presentation that the residue could remain in several materials for 4-6 hours. It also could harm babies, toddlers, children, and other members of the family from the smoke exposure, for instance, bronchopneumonia in children.

Furthermore, Vera also explained that secondhand smoke might affect other factors than health. It would affect psychologically, especially parents who smoke in front of their children. “Teenagers are often inquisitive about their surroundings. It can harm the children,” she said, as reported on the UNMUHA site.

Besides the presentations, the Medical Faculty students also provided door prizes for all participants who followed the agenda.

UNMUHA Community Service Team Educates The Dangers of Smoking

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