UM Surabaya Postgraduate: Ready to Collaborate To Enhance HR Qualities

The postgraduate program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya (UM Surabaya) held Judicial Procession and Scientific Oration by raising the theme “Sharia Financial Law Process: An Opportunity and Challenge” that invited Dr Bahruddin Muhammad SH MH (The Chief of Surabaya Religious Court) in East Java.

The Judicial Process of Postgraduate Program, UM Surabaya was conducted in the odd semester in the year 2021-2022, located in the Theater Building, the Faculty of Medical Science, Sunday (26/06). Forty-seven students followed the agenda consisting of three study programs, including the postgraduate programs of Sharia Financial Law (HES) for 11 participants, Educational Thoughts for 27 participants, and English Education and Literature Studies (PBSI) for 9 students.

On this occasion, the committee mentioned students with the highest GPA in each postgraduate program. For Islamic Education (PI), Dwi Agus Widodo, M.Pd reached a GPA of 3,94, meanwhile for English Education and Literature Studies (PBSI), Acci Ayu Pujaanti, M.Pd reached a GPA of 4,00. Furthermore, for the Sharia Financial Law, Nur Maini Hisyam, M.H. reached a GPA of 3,98.

Prof Dr. Abdul Hadi, M.Ag, the Director of Postgraduate Program, UM Surabaya, mentioned that postgraduate students have a bigger responsibility, especially in the disruption era. “For instance, the students should consider developing knowledge that they have learned wherever you will work for and amid Indonesian people. So you can contribute to Muslim civilization nationally and globally”.

Moreover, Dr. Bahruddin Muhammad explained that in facing the technological era, the Religious Court needs high qualified human resources. “So I encourage all Religious Court in East Java to pursue higher education in Master and Doctoral degree, and they can study in the Sharia Financial Law department in UM Surabaya.

Afterward, Dr. Sholihul Huda, M.Fil.I, the Secretary of the Postgraduate program of UM Surabaya, mentioned that they were ready to collaborate with various parties in private and state institutions. “We are ready to collaborate to develop the human resource quality, especially in East Java with the academic quality, skill, and spiritual values of Islamic and Muhammadiyah to face the disruption era.

The postgraduate program also opens admission students in the year 2022-2023 with Islamic Education (PI) department, English Education and Literature Studies (PBSI) department, and the Sharia Financial Law department. “We welcome you all who will study in the postgraduate program in UM Surabaya located in Sutorejo 59 Surabaya. You can contact 081330343918 (Sholikh) for information details.

UM Surabaya Postgraduate: Ready to Collaborate To Enhance HR Qualities

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