Closing Ceremony of Baitul Arqam MSPP Batch IV

Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program (MSPP) Batch IV Awardees attended the Closing Ceremony of Baitul Arqam MSPP Batch IV, last Friday (8/10). The agenda was held in the Development of Quality Assurance for Vocational Education building (BBPPMPV) for Arts and Culture. The awardees were attended offline, while the agenda was also broadcasted on Diktilitbang Council Youtube Account.

The first agenda was to deliver the testimony from Awardee representatives. Rizal, one of MSPP Batch IV Awardees, expressed his appreciation. The appreciation was for the facilitators, Muhammadiyah Diktilitbang Council, Muhammadiyah Cadre Education Council, and LazisMu for the opportunity to join the Baitul Arqam MSPP IV. He was also thankful to all Awardees for their enthusiastic and solidarity spirit during Baitul Arqam. Another awardee, Hardianti, continued to express her gratitude to UMY and UMS as they admitted the English proficiency training. Hardianti also gave her fellow Awardees messages to never give up and never quit to achieve their goals.

In the next agenda, Master of Training (MoT) of Baitul Arqam, Paryanto S.Ag., M.IP, explained the MSPP Batch IV report. Come first, the Awardees biodata including the gender (female 59%; male 41%), age (20-30 years old 50%; 31-40 years old 50%), the education degree (undergraduate 26%; graduate 74%), English proficiency level, etc. There was also the religious competence, such as the recitation of Al Quran competence, the activities in Muhammadiyah or its autonomic organization followed. In addition, Paryanto mentioned the three awardees who got the highest score in pre-test and post-test. He also mentioned the game winner. Lastly, Paryanto expressed his thankfulness to all of the awardees. Furthermore, the agenda was continued by displaying MSPP Batch IV video trailer.

Prof. Chairil Anwar was delivering the speech
Prof. Chairil Anwar delivered the speech

The speeches

Dr. H. Ari Anshori M.Ag, The Chairman of Muhammadiyah Cadre Education Council, expressed his gratitude for MSPP Batch IV programmed. He also gave the Awardees message to always bring the Muhammadiyah spirit everywhere. If by any chance, the Awardees succeed in studying abroad, they should adapt to the new environment.

Dr. Mahli Zainuddin Tago, M.Si. from LazisMu expressed his appreciation to all of the awardees and the instructors. Later on, LazisMu still monitors the English proficiency training process in UMY and UMS. “Remember, you will be Muhammadiyah leaders for the next 20 years. So, be ready to take the leadership maps. Stay focused to follow this program optimally,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Chairil Anwar, The Deputy Chair of Muhammadiyah Diktilitbang Council, inferred the theme of the agenda “Dream Big, Achieve More”. He also prayed and hoped that the Awardees’ goals and dreams can be achieved in the future. Additionally, he also motivated MSPP Batch IV Awardees to pursue their overseas study plans. Prof. Chairil Anwar also said that the program is evidence that Muhammadiyah concerns about its cadres’ education level attainment. “To all awardees, be ready to embrace the future. Keep the spirit up to follow the 3-months-training ahead, I hope you all were accepted on the universities in your coveted list,”

Closing Ceremony of Baitul Arqam MSPP Batch IV

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