Press As A Strong Pillar of The Nations

Press is a strong pillar of the nation. It was built from writing pens and so meaningful in every word. That was a statement from the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) in the commemoration of Press Day, Banyumas, Tuesday (09/02).

Moreover, he added that the commemoration of Press Day was momentum in strengthening the existence amid the disruption era with various challenges. “In the press day, we pray and hope that the press is getting stronger to sustain nation’s identity, have a strong character, enlighten, and educate people,” said Dr. Jebul Suroso.

Furthermore, the Rector expected that the Press collaborates with higher education institutions and academicians would establish a great civilization and cultural perseverance of the dignified and developed nations.

“Welcome to Press Day, my friends from journalists. For the good deeds ‘UMP is your home’, Happy National Press Day 2021,” he said.

Press As A Strong Pillar of The Nations

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