Agriculture Faculty Unismuh Makassar Held 2022 Agriculture Graduate Gathering

The Agriculture Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh) held an agriculture graduate gathering on Tuesday (21/06). The gathering at Khas Makassar Hotel, was conducted to celebrate the 76th Graduation Ceremony. At the graduate gathering, ninety-one graduates comprised 76 graduates from Agribusiness, three Aquaculture students, seven from the Forestry department graduates, and five others from Agrotechnology.

On this occasion, the Agriculture Faculty lecturer, Dr Ir Andi Khaeriyah MPd delivered her inaugural address. She mentioned that silaturrahmi ‘gathering to strengthen the bonding’ would be essential to receive sustenance, greater longevity, and eliminate contention. “I hope alumni can maintain the good name of their alma mater and apply the knowledge from studying in the faculty,” he said.

Furthermore, as the Rector representative, Dr Muhammad Tahir MSi, the Vice-Rector III delivered his remarks. The General Secretary of Alumni Association (IKA) Unismuh and the Vice-Rector II Unismuh, Dr Andi Syukri Samsuri MHum attended the gathering. On this agenda, varied leaders of Unismuh boards also presented. They were Dr Ir Sri Mardiyati SP MP, the Chairman of the Agribusiness department; Dr Hikmah Basalama SHut MSi, the Chairman of Forestry; Asni Anwar SPi MSi, the Chairman of Aquaculture; Dr Ir Kasifah MP, the Chairman of Agrotechnology; Dr Ir Irma Sribianti SHut MP IPM, the Chairman of Quality Assurance Institute of Agriculture Faculty; and all lecturers of Agricultural Science faculty. [] CHERD / Unismuh

Agriculture Faculty Unismuh Makassar Held A Graduate Gathering

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