Great Achievement of Ridha Jusni Sondra, the UMSB student

In Trans Studio Mini Padang, Ridha Jusni Sondra received another accomplishment on Sunday (28/08). The outstanding student from Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UMSB) won in the Master of Ceremony Semi-Formal Competition and Speakcation. The Communication and Broadcasting Unit (UKKPK) Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP) organized this competition.

Thirty participants from various backgrounds, starting from high school students, college students, and public participants followed this competition. Ridha has followed varied events in competing with numerous great competitors. He was also assisted by several mentors, including Rani Adelyo (Tanah Data Protocol), Joni Saputra (his senior in FKIP UMSB) as his mentor in life; and Alvin Nur Akbar (his brother). Three of them accompanied him in his career as the young master of ceremony.

To the Public Relations of UMSB, Ridha explained he had mixed feelings when he heard his name had been called as the first winner of the competition. “I was grateful, I was impressed, I had mixed emotions,” he said in a happy voice when telling his success story on the UMSB official site.

The 2022 UNP Championship invited several judges, including Deni Pratama, S.Hum, MM. CPS, an Indonesian professional MC in presidential events and artists’ shows; One Cantik, a radio broadcaster and voice-over talent in West Sumatera; and Marsela, UNP internal MC. “The most important thing in the process is not how great we are in the beginning, but how we can improve in the future,” Ridha closed.

Great Achievement of Ridha Jusni Sondra, the UMSB student

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