FEBI UM Kendari Launched Rice and Egg Automated Machine

In support of the mosque service for underprivileged people, Digital Business Department students, Faculty of Economics and Islamic Business (FEBI) UM Kendari launched the Rice and Egg Automated Machine in Jama Alfalah Lepo-Lepo Mosque, Monday (13/06).

The innovation also aimed to encourage the social entrepreneur skills of the students. UM Kendari students initiated the creation of the Rice and Egg Automated Machine in collaboration with Indonesia Mosque Council (DMI) Kendari. According to the Dean of FEBI, Syamsul Anam, this automated machine was a mosque service for the community as a medium to bridge the financially stable persons and the underprivileged. “With the rice and egg automated machine, we expect that the mosques have orientation in social service and not only focus in the mosque renovation and physical development,” Syamsul said, as reported on kendariinfo.com.

He added the importance of social service based on the community and society nearby the Mosque. So, later, the mosque could return to the khittah (knowledge of interest) to give the community social service. “Currently, we are ready to give a tutorial in the database collecting of jama’ah (congregation) and the community nearby; later, it can be followed up with the mosque’s service,” he concluded. 

The Rice and Egg Automated Machine was also completed by applying underprivileged databases and the infaq (charity) service of rice and eggs. Each recipient would get a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card registered in the Kendari Mosque Council system. The mosque administrator arranged this RFID card about the rice and egg quantity of each recipient. “One of the innovations compares to existing machines is the addition of egg in addition to the rice on its service. It also completed with the checking feature of available stock connected with the application installed in the administrator’s gadget,” he said. [] FEBI UM Kendari / Diktilitbang

FEBI UM Kendari Launched Rice and Egg Automated Machine

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