NGOBI, IMM STKIP Muh Oku Timur Idea To Produce Militant Cadres

To strengthen relationships with Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM) of Commissariat STKIP Muhammadiyah Oku Timur conducted NGOBI (Ngobrol Bareng Ikatan/Association Members’ Dialogue) in RAJAKS Restaurant and Cafe, Tulus Ayu, Sunday (06/03). By raising the theme “Before committing (akad), get to know (ta’aruf) about IMM first!”, the meeting with prospective cadres aimed to trigger ideas improving the Commissariat. “I hope by this new cadre recruitment will bring IMM Commissariat in STKIP Muhammadiyah Oku Timur becoming more active and synergize. Also, insyaAllah, we will conduct NGOBI in other chances,” said Vicky Bagas, the Committee Chief.

Didi Franzhardi, M.Pd, the Chairman of STKIP Muhammadiyah Oku Timur, delivered his materials as a speaker in NGOBI and expected the prospective students have more conviction to join organizations. The students were expected to associate in the organization, especially IMM. “IMM is expected to grow and develop in Oku Timur as militant Muhammadiyah cadres,” said Didi, who was also an IMM cadre.

NGOBI is a casual dialogue initiated by the IMM Oku Timur cadre. It also becomes an implementation of the Pre-Cadre Program or the previous program before following Basic Ideological Agenda (Darul Arqam Dasar). “NGOBI becomes our strategy or the best way in introducing IMM to the students. IMM is a da’wa student medium that progressive inclusion to encourage students in association, to keep developing as militant cadre,” said Preli Yulianto, the writer of Buku Catatan Tinta Emas dari Narasi menuju Aksi IMMawan. IMM is expected to be developed and improved in Oku Timur. “IMM can contribute, compete in doing good deeds (fastabiqul khairat), and benefit for broader communities, especially the Oku Timur people, and build a great civilization in religion, states, and nations,” said Preli, who is also the Chairman of Media and Communication division for IMM Regional for South Sumatera

Narto Kurniawan, S.H., S.Sy., the Chairman of Legal and Human Rights of IMM Regional for South Sumatera delivered his materials as Keynote Speaker. Moreover, Ari Ferdiansyah, S.H., S.Sy., a Judge for Religious Court Martapura, Oku Timur; Benny Tenagus, SKM, MM, the Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Oku Timur also attended the meeting.

NGOBI, IMM STKIP Muh Oku Timur Idea To Produce Militant Cadres

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