For Orphanage Establishment, UMMI Rector Calls All Parties To Give Support

The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI), Dr. Sakti Alamsyah, M.Pd laid the cornerstone for the orphanage construction, the Orphanage social shelter (PSSA) Ummu Hadijah, Gegerbitung village, Gegerbitung district, Sukabumi, Saturday (03/09).

“Personally, I am grateful and appreciate the orphanage establishment initiation of ‘Aisyiyah Local Board of Gegerbitung. We pray that in short, it can be finished fast,” said Dr. Sakti when delivering his remarks. The Rector explained that personally and on behalf of UMMI was very supportive of the construction progress. “I hope that in 2-3 months, it can establish and be beneficial,” said Sakti.

The orphanage establishment was very beneficial. Primarily, it can help the North Sukabumi people. “Related to the orphanage, it involves the orphans and underprivileged persons. To support them is our responsibility, especially for Muslims. For this occasion, to build and improve the orphanage is one of the responsibilities,” said the Rector. To support orphans is not only to bring blessings, but the orphans’ prayer is also effective (makbul).

On this occasion, Sakti also invited everyone to constantly appreciate Allah SWT due to the various blessings He gave. “With appreciation, it provides blessings and reminders in good deeds and away from disaster and punishment from Allah SWT. Because we should realize that the disaster and punishment are the results of our actions,” Sakti added.

PSSA Ummu Hadijah will be built in an area of 35 x 80 meters that becomes waqf from nearby communities. Besides supporting the LazisMu UMMI, on this occasion, Sakti also called for Muhammadiyah members to give support, and spontaneously, it collected a tenth million rupiah. “Alhamdulillah, I hope the financial assistance that was collected can bring our good intention to receive blessing from Allah SWT, aamiin,” Sakti added. During the groundbreaking, the Muhammadiyah and ‘Aisyiyah Regional Board of Sukabumi and Mosque regulatory board of Al-Ummi also attended the procession.

For Orphanage Establishment, UMMI Rector Calls All Parties To Give Support

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