UM Metro Launched PT Metro Surya Inovasi

Metro Mayor, dr Wahdi Sirajiddin, Sp OG (K), launched a limited liability company (PT) Metro Surya Inovasi Universitas Muhammadiyah Metro (UM Metro), Wednesday (11/8).

dr Wahdi mentioned PT Metro Surya Inovasi (Mesva) as a prideful achievement for UM Metro. In his opinion, the financial distribution from Central to Metro Local Government should reach a broader community, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic. “The current financial condition should be spent for the community’s necessity, especially when we face the Covid-19 pandemic. The cash flow should continuously move, we should invest and distribute it for the communities,” he said.

dr Wahdi prompted economic drivers to be wise to analyze opportunities to understand what society needs. “Keep thinking positively, praying, and supporting each other. So we could raise together and motivate each other. Fastabiqul khairat (vying to do the good deeds). More people who drive the economics, more community’s necessity which can achieve. We should be clever in observing changes, do not be stammered with current condition,” he said.

Afterwards, Metro Mayor expected that PT Mesva would keep developing to strengthen the economic growth in Metro City. “We also appreciated the launching of PT Metro Surya Inovasi and Isqo Mineral Water of UM Metro. I hope it can strengthen our economy in Metro,” he concluded.

UM Metro Launched PT Metro Surya Inovasi

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