At An Audience, UMGO Discuss Collaboration With Local Government

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gorontalo (UMGO) conducted an audience with the local government of Gorontalo on Monday (20/06). The audience was conducted through The Natural and Computer Science (FSIK) UMGO. It aimed to strengthen the collaboration of Catur Dharma ‘the four values’ in Muhammadiyah – ‘Aisyiyah higher education institutions. The audience was located in the Official Residence of Gorontalo Regent. Prof Nelson Pomalingo, who warmly welcomed the invitation, was accompanied by several officials in Gorontalo.

The Dean of FSIK UMGO, Dr Talha Dangkua, mentioned several topics of the discussion. “FSIK has the intention to collaborate and contribute to the development of Gorontalo Regency,” he said. The collaborative programs comprised the management of the Forest Conservation Area (TAHURA); the operation of the Local Tax Information System and Asset application; and the scholarship proposal for FSIK students.

Prof Nelson positively responded to the collaborative intention of FSIK due to institutional support for local development in Gorontalo. “We also appreciate collaboration, starting from the environment to technology. The feedback from UMGO contributions is not only for UMGO but also for regional growth,” he said.

The regent also asked FSIK to keep coordinating with related institutions to follow up on the program, especially to realize the plan for the Local Tax Information System and Asset application. Nelson also encourages FSIK to develop the existing system in the government. “And also, for the scholarship, it can be specified for the students who own a Personal Identification Card (KTP) as Gorontalo resident, or the students who conduct a research in Gorontalo as certain terms and conditions,” he concluded.

At An Audience, UMGO Discuss Collaboration With Local Government

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