SBMPTMu Webinar, Prospective Students Have 6 Things To Consider

“After we graduate, what should we do?” asked Dr. Dody Hartanto SPd MPd as the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education UAD when presenting on blended SBMPTMu Webinar “I’m Ready For College #3” from UAD Campus, Saturday (25/06). By the theme “Choosing the Right Campus in the Disruptive Era”, Dody explained that high school students should prepare for their goals and dreams seriously. Particularly, the understanding of the business world and competitiveness rank was varied. The data shows the proportion of job seekers was dominated by high school graduates. Even 6-7 million people face the threat of unemployment due to the Termination of Employment (PHK). “It means that the students should understand that in the future, the job seekers do not merely have high/vocational school certificates,” he said. Therefore, pursuing higher education becomes the best choice, because students not only earn certificates but also a growth of perspective and understanding of etiquette and ethics in higher education.

Dody also mentioned six things to consider for prospective students to face the future. First, seriously consider the power of continuous prayers. Second, to assume the university with good quality assurance, for instance, its accreditation status, etc. Third, focus on the skills to master based on specific job opportunities in a particular field. Fourth, to emphasize the interaction with a lot of people. Fifth, to be active in the organization and seek updated information. Sixth, choose a campus that prepares various abilities and invest in Judgment Day. “Before you enroll in a university, you should understand the study program you choose, check the campus type, and prepare your spiritual, physical, and cognitive condition,” he said.

Andhita Dyorita K, M.Psi, Psikolog, in her materials that raised “Choosing The Right Campus As Hard-Skill and Soft-Skill Development”, also mentioned that 78 percent of students wrongly choose their study program. Therefore, the students should consider that in choosing the right campus, they also understand that they also need soft skill improvement besides hard skills. “Soft skill is the way they collaborate in a team, public speaking, self-management, and many other things,” she said. She also admitted that the renowned campus has no guarantee to produce someone successful. However, it depends on themselves. “Wherever the place to pursue higher education, when we have potency, value, and etiquette, it will be an important factor to be accepted in the targeted company,” she continued. According to Andhita, in choosing a campus, the prospective students should implement three essential things, first, to understand themselves based on their potencies. Second, to enhance the hard skill by practicing it in school, courses, internships, and many others. Third, to improve the soft skill by participating in the organization, social and religious activities.

The third presenter of this SBMPTMu webinar, Muhammad Munsarif, S.Kom, M.Kom raised the topic “Choosing The Modern and Progressive Campus”. He prompted the students to check a campus based on their official social media. The prospective students were expected to consider the accreditation status of the targeted university. “Besides the accreditation status of the university, the students should acknowledge the accreditation in a specific study program. Make sure you choose the right study program,” he said.

SBMPTMu Webinar, Prospective Students Have 6 Things To Consider

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