UMMI Fisheries Students Held Community Empowerment Program

Fisheries Students of Agriculture Faculty Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI) conducted the Holistic Village Development and Empowerment (PHP2D) on Saturday (29/01). The PHP2D activity raised the theme “Improvement for Community Welfare” by Minna Padi (rice-fish farming) koi carp in Nyalindung village. It was located in Pasir Geude RT 03/10, Nyalindung, Sukabumi.

Fajar Firdaus, the Chief of PHP2D UMMI, explained the opening ceremony held by koi seed dispersal. “We hope that it is the first step to elevate the community welfare,” he said, as reported on the UMMI site. Afterwards, the Youth Movement Chief of Pasir Gede village, Kang Epul, agreed to Fajar Firdaus’ expectation.

Moreover, Kang Dedi, a public figure in the village, explained that the agenda becomes a collaborative work between students and communities. He hoped that the agenda could be a seedbed of communication for Minna Padi activity.

Village Head of Nyalindung, Pak Ujang, mentioned Nyalindung village has been received various community empowerment programs. However, the previous programs have not been optimally implemented. In addition, the activity of fisheries students UMMI has different phases than previous programs. “So, I hope that the agenda could be carried out maximally, continuously, and become the best practice that can be developed in the entire village,” he said.

UMMI Fisheries Students Held Community Empowerment Program

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