UMM Launches A Business Unit, The New Bookstore

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) introduced a new business unit. On Sunday (20/06), UMM launched the New Bookstore (NBS) UMM directly inaugurated by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR), Ir. Mohammad Zainal Fatah. The bookstore is located beside Rayz Hotel, UMM in Tlogomas Street 50, Malang.

Moh Zainal mentioned the NBS became the right strategy for UMM in encouraging the students to be interested in reading. He also motivated the campus to provide scholarships. The scholarship not only covers the tuition fees but also provides a book scholarship program. The students could use the fund during their studies.

On the other hand, the Rector of UMM, Dr Fauzan MPd explained that NBS is inseparable from the effort to develop an academic atmosphere. He also expected that NBS could provide literacy access and facilities. Also, it could become an effective educational ecosystem for literacy. “I hope the bookstore can be a destination for communities and students to conduct a literature search. Therefore, it can improve their knowledge and insight over time,” Fauzan hoped.

UMM Launches A Business Unit, The New Bookstore2
Ir. Mohammad Zainal Fatah Inaugurated the New Bookstore (NBS) UMM

Interestingly, the NBS not only provides books from major publishing houses but also offers indie books rarely found in other bookstores. UMM also provides a coffee shop in the bookstore that possibly became the favorite place to read. Moreover, the bookstore is also completed with a podcast corner that is available for all students to develop their potencies.

The New Bookstore was a rebranding of the bookstore established in 2005. It aimed to encourage the youth to be a bibliophile generation, a generation who collects or has a great love for books. So the NBS provides educational books and other series of all genres. The soft launching agenda was also attended by various publishers that contributed to distributing their best books.

UMM Launches A Business Unit, The New Bookstore

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