UNIMUS Public Lecture Discusses A Common Goal in Accelerating Healthcare Technology

Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (UNIMUS) organized a public lecture with its alumni on Saturday (24/09). It was conducted by the Faculty of Public Health (FKM), UNIMUS. The public lecture was located in the Integrated Class Room (GKB) II by inviting the Head of Health Office, Semarang regency, Dwi Syaiful Nur Hidayat SKM MM, who is also the 2004 FKM Alumnus, and the Head of Sukoharjo Health Office, Tri Tuti Rahayu SKM MM, the 2005 FKM Alumnus.

The public lecture aimed to enhance students’ understanding of healthcare workers in the real world, especially their strategic roles, alumni’s exemplary work, and the advancement of technology in the 4.0 revolution era. The program was initiated by the head of the study program and faculty who underlined the importance of information and communications technology development. Because the development will enlarge the integrated networking system that follows the modernization of big data and paperless. It will collate information in one database, especially in healthcare system.

On this occasion, the Dean of the Public Health faculty of UNIMUS, Dr. Sayono SKM MKes delivered his remarks by highlighting the healthcare technology transformation would be a distinct character of FKM UNIMUS. Because of FKM UNIMUS’s vision as the Knowledge Center on Public Health. “Then, this Knowledge Center on Public Health will illustrate a global vision. The technological-based center that will be a prominent program in the applied technology innovation in Indonesia,” he said as reported on the UNIMUS site.

UNIMUS Public Lecture Discusses a Common Goal in Accelerating Healthcare Technology

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