UNIMMA Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Established

Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (Unimma) launched the Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering on Saturday (20/08). The official launching of this Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Unimma was organized through a national seminar “Future of Mechanical Engineering and International Career Opportunity”. Prof Ir ING Wardana M Eng Ph.D., the Mechanical Engineering Professor of Universitas Brawijaya, delivered his materials as a speaker.

The seminar was held in the Virtual Meeting Room, Unimma. It started with Dr. Lilik Andriyani MSi who delivered her remarks. In her remarks, the Rector appreciated the new department establishment. “With the establishment of Mechanical Engineering program study, it can be an institutional strengthening in Unimma. From 21 study programs, it will increase to 22, and InsyaAllah, in the future, there will be more improvements,” she said.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Muji Setyo, M.T, a pioneer of the Mechanical Engineering establishment of Unimma, mentioned that indeed, Mechanical Engineering in Unimma is not the only department established in Indonesia, but Unimma has a unique and different vision. It aims to contribute to the engineering development from hard engineering to soft engineering in Society 5.0 era. “We will establish ourselves as a foremost Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering will be excellent in competency, the best in comparison, and the highest in contribution to science, community, and industry,” he said.

The seminar presented “The Future of Mechanical Engineering Trend” by mentioning 17 new technology trends in 2022, starting from nano chips/technology, smarter devices, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many others. “The new trend influences the future of mechanical engineering, including the gravitational mechanical force that transforms to be electromagnetic and carries the material forces, manufacture, and energy. Moreover, nanotechnology and quantum mechanics would dominate mechanical engineering in the production process, material forces, and energy,” said Prof Wardana.

UNIMMA Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering Established

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