UM Palopo Charitable Endowment: Sharing For Communities

The Student Executive Boards (BEM) Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo (UM Palopo) distributed the groceries and ready-to-eat meals in UM Palopo Charitable Endowment. The student alliances in the Special Activity Unit and Student Activity Unit (UKK-UKM) also attended the agenda. The beneficiaries were the Sabbamparu people in Wara Utara district, Palopo city. This charitable activity entitled “Lapak Amal UM Palopo” was conducted on Sunday (02/05).

The Head of BEM Unmuh Palopo, Alfin, mentioned the event aims as the social concern of Unmuh Palopo students. “Moreover, the agenda was coincided with Ramadhan month to disseminate the goodness and hapiness,” he said as reported on Unmuh Palopo site. The Head of Public Relations Unmuh Palopo, Suparni Sampetan SE MM, also delivered his remarks. Suparni explained that Unmuh Palopo had conducted the charity annually. Afterwards, he also expected the groceries to benefit the beneficiaries due to the pandemic. “Especially, in the Covid-19 pandemic which currently happens,” he added.

The Village Head of Subbamparu, Nanih Handayani, S.Sos welcomed the visitation. On behalf of Subbamparu people, Nanih appreciated all Unmuh Palopo students for the charity. From the total groceries of 40 packages, UM Palopo students distributed 35 packages for the Subbamparu village, and the rest five others were dispersed to other regions.

UM Palopo Charitable Endowment: Sharing For Communities

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