Research Dissemination of CHERD Discussed Human Rights

Muhammadiyah Council Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD) held the Fourth Discussion Series of Muhammadiyah Studies last Thursday (29/04). The discussion was conducted in the form of RisetMu research dissemination in the Covid-19 scheme. On this occasion, the panel raised the Human Rights, Politics, and Freedom of Expression issue. The resource persons of the discussion were Satria Unggul from UM Surabaya, Karyanti from UM Palangka Raya, and Sheila Amnesti from UM Purworejo. Amika Wardana became the moderator for this occasion. The CHERD broadcasted directly on the official Youtube account.

At first, Sheila Amnesti explained the research conducted with Dr. Muhammad Zaki Mubarrak. The study entitled “The Reconstruction of Health Workers Protection in Handling Covid-19”. In her presentation, Sheila explained that the government had a regulation to overcome pandemic effects through the incentive and many others. However, the implementation was far from optimal. “Because there are still a few beneficiaries of the incentive. Fifty-three of local government did not withdraw yet for the health workers,” Sheila said.

Secondly, Karyanti presented “The False Information of Covid-19 in The Social Media”. Karyanti collaborated with Dr. Laksiminarti and Mita Sari, which discussed the semiotics of Covid-19 prevention messages in the official FB account of Muhammadiyah Central Kalimantan to prevent false information. Satria Unggul explained the research conducted with Achmad Hariri. The study themed “Muhammadiyah and Mitigation Risk of Covid-19 Bansos Corruption”. The scope of the study was the role of Muhammadiyah East Java in this issue and the anti-corruption movement through the Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach.

Research Dissemination of CHERD Discussed Human Rights

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