CHERD Opened 2023 Research Dissemination of Risetmu Grants

The Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD) began a series of Research Dissemination Discussions of Risetmu Grants in 2023. In the first series, the main topic was “Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies” which invited Dr. Solihul Huda MFil from UM Surabaya, Anang Masduki MA from Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, and M. Subhi Aprianto Lc MH from UM Surakarta. Dr. Dra Tri Yuni Hendrowati MPd was also present as a panelist and Luqman Hakim as the moderator.

Also presenting on the discussion, the Deputy Chairman of CHERD, Prof. Dr. Khudzaifah Dimyati deliver remarks. He emphasized the spirit of RisetMu as an endeavor of the Council to raise the research of MHEI lecturers which could later have an impact on improving the accreditation. “I hope RisetMu and the Research Grant Discussion Series can be a solution to improve the work ethic of lecturers in research,” he said. 


RisetMu Research Grant Discussion of “Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies”

First, M Subhi Aprianto Lc MH disseminated his research entitled “Bibliometric Analysis of the Map and Direction of Muhammadiyah Research Development on the Scopus Database”. Subhi Aprianto said that the urgency of this research is to provide exposure to Scopus data so that several aspects are obtained. These aspects include research demographics, the most influential affiliations, the most cited sources, and the most productive first author. “For example, in the demographic details, it was revealed that most of the research was located in Indonesia and Malaysia,” he explained.

Second, Anang Masduki MA mentioned his book, Ngenger: Dari Komunikasi  antar Budaya menuju Transformasi Ideologi (Ngenger: From Intercultural Communication to Ideological Transformation) as the core of his presentation entitled “The Paradigm of Authentic Islam”. Anang highlighted the main point of the spirit of tajdid (renewal) in authentic Islamic moderation. “They did the purification by building a synthesis between religious and cultural values without damaging the faith,” he said.

Third, Dr. Solihul Huda MFil shared his observations on social media. Two things about social media that Dr. Solihul highlighted were the concerns about non-factual information and the possibility of social media becoming a medium for spreading social religious ideologies, whether liberal, radical or moderate. “It responds to the development of a digital world in society, including in religious activities such as da’wah. It became the background for the formation of Muhammadiyah digital da’wah,” he explained. Dr. Solihul’s research output is a book entitled Dakwah Digital Muhammadiyah: Pola Baru Dakwah Era Disrupsi (Digital Da’wah Muhammadiyah: New Patterns of Da’wah in the Era of Disruption).

The series was held on Monday (27/3) and will continue on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in Ramadan through Zoom Meeting and live broadcasts on the YouTube channel of Majelis Diktilitbang.

CHERD Opened 2023 Research Dissemination of Risetmu Grants

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